Custom made to your needs.


Increase your manufacturing efficiencies and improve your company’s bottom line with our custom components program. 

We’ll even meet with your manufacturing personnel to determine the most efficient ways to achieve your goals. Our custom services include:

Our components are available as FSC certified.

Custom Cuts

From simple cuts to ready-to-assemble parts, our CustomCuts program provides customized solutions to meet your woodworkers’ specific needs.

You’ll get:

  • Better control of the cost of materials
  • Consistent quality with 100% good parts
  • Cost savings by leveraging our vertical integration, volume and efficiencies
  • Reduced inventory with just-in-time delivery
  • The ability to fill periods of short-term demand
  • Maximum panel yield using special panel sizes
  • No wood waste
  • Lower freight costs when we ship only usable parts

Drawer Sides

The fit, finish and machining of a drawer is where customers see real value. From wood tape to a bullnose, the top edge treatment has to be perfect. The groove to receive the bottom must be dead level and the exact dimension. Joinery must be precise, or the drawer is out of square. We can provide cut-to-size, finished drawer sides with short lead times.

  • 8’ lengths
  • 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” widths (or custom widths)
  • Bullnose UV edges
  • Square-edged with real wood or PVC banding
  • RhinoCoat ™ prefinish
  • 10-piece boxed sets available

Treadmill Decks

Our treadmill decks are specifically engineered to handle high wear and high impact. To meet the performance demands of this specific application, a specialized industrial film is used to create a durable, slick panel for the belt to slide across. If you’ve ever run on a treadmill at a gym, there’s about and 80% chance the deck was made in our plant. All decks are CARB Phase II-certified and are available:

  • In any size, up to 61” x 121” – cut to your specs
  • With options including hole drilling (vertical and horizontal), notching, edge painting and a waxed surface
  • In thicknesses from ⅜” to 1-¼”

How and where it’s made


Located in White City, our Value-Added Division Facility engineers value-added specialty products, including custom components. With numerous machining centers and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide cost-effective access to a full range of manufacturing capabilities and re-manufacturing capabilities.