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Logistics & TP Global

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Timber Products operates three primary divisions that enable our teams to perform round-the-clock production, manufacturing, transportation, and shipping. Explore our operations to learn how Timber Products can service your needs!

One-stop shop for all your transportation needs

With TP Logistics, our vertical integration extends to coordinating the movement of goods with TP Trucking and providing ample warehousing and reload space for customer needs. Headquartered in Central Point, Oregon, TP Logistics and Trucking has other locations in Thomson, Georgia and Indianapolis, IN.

TP Logistics hosts ample warehousing space in Thomson, Georgia to serve as a storage and reload site. It also allows for rail access to the CSXT and gives TP Logistics the ability to cross dock from coast to coast. The site has the ability to load/unload boxcar, center beam, flat cars and containers.

Our service is always on-time, with exceptional dispatching efficiency and professional drivers. Plus, we have an extensive brokerage department—so if we can’t handle a particular load, we’ll find another reliable carrier who can. Feel free to reach out and contact TP Logistics and TP Trucking today!


We specialize in moving freight in a timely and efficient manner. We also have a 24-hour maintenance and collision repair facility, as well as a pressurized paint booth for painting trucks, trailers, logging equipment, and more.


We train all of our technicians on the latest technology and maintenance procedures. Our highly knowledgeable, safety-conscious drivers have an average of 13 to 16 years of experience on the road.


With terminals in Oregon and Georgia, we provide a cost-effective solution for any shipping challenge, for any cargo, to any destination in the US and Canada.

Pushing The Boundaries

We strive to create products of superior quality and value while building a more sustainable future.

Our talented engineers and craftsmen are committed to the quality of our products and are always seeking ways to do more. With extensive resources and unique manufacturing capabilities, we do all our own lay-ups, sanding, laminating and finishing using state-of-the-art equipment.​

By engineering everything in-house and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to give each product the attention it deserves from start to finish.

Yreka, CA Softwood Veneer

Softwood veneer from Douglas Fir, White Fir, and Pine are produced at our Yreka manufacturing facility. We make sure 100% of each log is utilized in the production process, whether it’s used to make wood products or to create energy to power the facility.

Medford, OR Particleboard / Hardwood Plywood

Supplied by timber from our responsibly managed forests, the NAF-certified particleboard and environmentally-certified hardwood plywood produced at our Medford facility is created with the consumer in mind. Waste generated during manufacturing here is reclaimed and reintroduced into our wood stream.

White City, OR Table Rock Composite Specialties

Specializing in TFL, roll laminates, architectural plywood, SpectraBoard, and UV prefinished panels, our White City facility uses high-tech machinery to create high-quality, cut-to-size panels. Plywood for prefinishing is supplied by our Medford and Grants Pass facilities, ensuring quality, consistency and minimal delays in production.

Grants Pass, OR Softwood Plywood / Hardwood Plywood

Vertical integration and a team of experts with decades of experience results in high-quality softwood and hardwood plywood panels produced at our facility in Grants Pass. Timber is sourced by our own Timberlands MCTC division, while the final product is delivered to customers by TP Trucking.

Corinth, MS Hardwood Plywood

Our manufacturing facilities in Grants Pass, Corinth, and Medford produce a full line of sustainable hardwood plywood, using the highest-quality core material to enhance both the stability and appearance of the finished panels.

Munising, MI Hardwood Lumber / Hardwood Veneer

Using lumber from northeastern hardwoods, high-quality hardwood lumber and veneers are the staple of our Munising facility. A rigorous quality assurance process ensures our hardwood products consistently perform strong for any application.

Your Worldwide Resource

TP Global leverages both our manufacturing and financial strength to offer beautiful, high-quality imported wood panels at the best prices.

We have developed strong partnerships with our carefully selected network of manufacturers around the globe. If a particular exotic species does not grow here, we can get it from overseas. We also bring offshore substrates to our plants and put domestic veneers on those substrates.

Want to learn more?

Our priority is transparency and compliance, making sure that all our documentation is legal and precise. Appropriate CARB compliance, Lacey documentation and all other regulatory requirements are a priority to us. We are also members of C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership) as well as a participant of the new CEE (Centers of Excellence & Expertise), both of which are through US Customs & Border Protection.


TP Global sources an extensive line of commodity and specialty panels from around the world. We carefully choose global partners who value quality and sustainability like we do.


Our seasoned team members are more than import specialists. The team has an average of more than 20 years of experience in the wood products industry.


TP Global is located at the Timber Products headquarters in Springfield, Oregon.