Hardwood Veneers

Real Beauty. Real Quality. REal Wood.

Experience Next Level beauty with real wood.

We send only the very best hardwood logs—typically the first or second segment taken from the tree—to our Michigan veneer mill. The quality of this veneer supports our position as a key player in the hardwood plywood business.

Our top quality maple, oak, birch, ash and cherry veneers are often used by hardwood stock panel producers for faces and backs of cabinetry and furniture, as well as for:

  • Door Skins

  • Curved & Cut-to-size Applications

  • Wall Panels

  • Counter Fronts

  • Flooring

  • Edgebanding

  • Acoustic Instruments

Our hardwood veneers are available as FSC certified.


Our hardwood veneer facility in Munising, Michigan, manufactures beautiful maple and other hardwood veneers under stringent quality control measures. With high-end splicing and pressing technology, we have expanded the range of applications for spliced veneer.

In addition to what we manufacture, we offer other specialty and imported species upon inquiry. Most are available in rotary, spliced, or plain-sliced form.

The applications of hardwood veneer include more than just hardwood plywood—it acts as an excellent key material for musical instruments, furniture, and cabinets. Other applications include door skins, curved and cut-to-size applications, wall panels, counter fronts, flooring, and edgebanding.

Hardwood veneer is a natural, eco-friendly product manufactured from FSC and SFI certified wood. It offers an enduring and timeless beauty. In particular, our facility designs the highest-quality maple veneers without compromising the stunningly light color.

Available Sizes: 4′ x 8′, 8′ x 4′, 10′ x 3′

Spliced-to-Size Applications: Book matched, Slip matched, Pleasing matched, Mismatched

Munising, Michigan

Timber Products Company ships the finest hardwood logs to our facility in Munsing, Michigan. There, we manufacture beautiful, high-quality hardwood veneers in a variety of species that are used in a range of applications from door skins to flooring.

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