Combining performance and environmental friendliness.


  • Resists warping, sagging, and chip-out
  • Provides excellent machinability and screw-holding power
  • Is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications
  • Contains post-industrial recycled/recovered fiber 

We manufacture both fir and pine particleboard substrates. We produce all grades to fit your needs, including underlayment, door core, commercial, industrial, and specialty.

Timber Products manufactures ENCORE, a particleboard panel, and APEX, a hybrid composite panel that resembles MDF but is less expensive. Both panel lines are available as FSC certified.


Our particleboard products are available as FSC Chain of Custody certification

Encore MR10

Encore MR50

Encore FR



Particleboard underlayment is used under carpeting or other floor covering material in residential or commercial construction. 


We offer an M3i industrial grade particleboard that is the perfect product for high-pressure laminated countertops due to its high physical properties.


Particleboard shelves are uniform, economical, and can be painted, laminated or veneered. They also have good dimensional stability and load-bearing capacity when properly designed.

Door Core

Particleboard door core is ideal for both exterior and interior doors. It creates a better surface for sanding and bonding door skins without telegraphing, and it reduces noise-levels compared with a standard hollow-core door.


Commercial-grade particle board can be used where higher industrial physical properties are not required.


We offer industrial particleboard in several grades. It’s the ideal product for laminating substrates from low to high pressure, and is widely used in cabinetry, hospitals, wall systems, fixtures, furniture, and even agricultural boxes.


Particleboard is used in many kinds of furniture and moisture-heavy environments like locker rooms and bathrooms. You can find particle board in items like tabletops, bookshelves, bedroom dressers, and more.

Apex MR50


Apex FR


Laminating Substrate

The smoothness of Apex’s line of composite panels makes them an ideal substrate for low- and high-pressure laminate alike. 


Featuring strength and machinability, Apex’s line of composite panels can be used in a variety of residential, commercial and industrial fixture applications.

Cabinetry & Casework

Apex has physical properties that make it a great choice for a wide variety of cabinetry and other casework applications.


Manufactured with durability in mind, furniture made with Apex composite panels not only holds a beautiful finish, but withstands daily wear and tear over time.


Kiosks made with Apex composite panels are built to last, as the composite panel’s structural properties allow it to survive demanding environments with ease. Apex FR panels are ideal for kiosk applications where fire-rated materials are required.

How and where it’s made


We manufacture select particleboard at our Medford, Oregon facility, which uses wood, as well as recycled and recovered fiber. We also produce particleboard from western pine at our facility in Sutter Creek, California.