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Timber Products is a leader in the wood products industry. We’re committed to environmental stewardship, excellent workmanship and customer partnerships. With 10 fully integrated manufacturing locations across the nation, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive product line to fulfill any need.

Hardwood & Softwood Product Information

Hardwood Plywood Brochure08-01-2022Download
Hardwood Lumber Flyer08-01-2022Download
Softwood Plywood Brochure07-01-2023Download
BarracudaPly Flyer06-30-2023Download
Painted Plywood Flyer08-01-2022Download
Heava FramePly08-01-2022Download
GeckoPly Flyer04-05-2023Download

Composite Panel Product Information

Particleboard Brochure08-01-2022Download
Masisa Ultralight MDF Flyer08-01-2022Download
Apex Composite Panel Flyer06-19-2023Download

Laminates & Value Add Product Information

Composite Specialties Brochure01-06-2023Download
RhinoCoat Prefinish Flyer01-05-2023Download

TP Trucking & transportation

TP Trucking & Logistics – Trucking Solutions Flyer09-29-2023Download
TP Trucking & Logistics – Logistics Services Flyer06-15-2023Download

EPA TSCA Title VI & CARB Certificates

TSCA Title VI / CARB Phase 2 Certificate Corinth Hardwood Plywood03-19-2024Download
TSCA Title VI / CARB Phase 2 Certificate Grants Pass Hardwood Plywood03-07-2024Download
TSCA Title VI / CARB Phase 2 Certificate Medford Hardwood Plywood03-07-2024Download
TSCA Title VI / CARB Phase 2 Certificate Composite Specialties Division Hardwood Plywood03-14-2024Download
TSCA Title VI Certificate Medford Particleboard N-23-13407-19-2023Download
TSCA Title VI Certificate Medford Particleboard N-23-13507-19-2023Download
CANFER Declaration of Certification (All Mills)03-07-2024DOWNLOAD

Safety & Technical Information

Hardwood Plywood SDS03-12-2021Download
Hardwood Plywood Physical Properties08-28-2019Download
Hardwood Plywood Flamespread Rating12-13-2023Download
Softwood Plywood SDS03-12-2021Download
Timber Products Particleboard SDS03-12-2021Download
Masisa Ultralight SDS07-24-2019Download
Rhinocoat Prefinish SDS08-30-2019Download
GeckoPly SDS03-12-2021Download
Cal Fire Wildland Urban Interface (WUI)05-01-2024Download

Other Environmental Certificates

ECC Timber Products Certificate10-06-2022Download
FSC Chain of Custody09-03-2023Download
LEED Certification Chart Timber Products2-5-2024Download
Hardwood Veneer EPD05-01-2023Download
Softwood Veneer EPD05-01-2023Download
FalconPly Hardwood Plywood EPD05-01-2023Download
Softwood Plywood EPD05-01-2023Download
SpectraBoard EPD05-01-2023Download
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) EPD05-01-2023Download
Particleboard EPD05-01-2023Download