Hardwood Plywood

Where beauty meets versatility.

FalconPly™ hardwood plywood logo hovering over a green silhouette of pine trees.

Carefully engineered for beauty & quality

  • We’re proud manufacturers of FalconPly hardwood plywood featuring outstanding quality and beauty.
  • We offer a full range of domestic and exotic hardwood veneer species in a variety of grades and core options.
  • For architectural grade series, Timber Products provides custom wood veneer panels for beautiful interiors with superb quality.
  • Our hardwood plywood is environmentally certified and follows the strictest emission standards in North America.
We offer our hardwood plywood as FSC certified.

Featured Veneers

We create our FalconPly using real wood veneers. Each piece of hardwood veneer is carefully examined by our experts to guarantee a rich character, grade and appearance to each species.

Our veneers are graded and sorted by hand to ensure a consistent grain pattern on every panel.

It takes great attention to detail to create the same grain consistency in the veneer of our architectural plywood. We offer a variety of exotic veneer species beyond domestics. Our customers have access to well over 200 species worldwide—both domestics and exotics—all responsibly sourced.


We manufacture five unique substrates that provide superior quality and performance for every application, including custom needs.


Our medium-density fiberboard core can be machined to the finest tolerances without chipping. It provides an exceptional laminating surface that is smooth, hard and consistent throughout the panel.

Particleboard Core

Our specially engineered particleboard core provides the perfect density on the face and back to accept laminates of all kinds, and a core that delivers physical properties to make it a workhorse for many applications.

Pro-Core MDF

Pro-Core MDF uses MDF crossbands and a veneer core interior to deliver the best performance of any core material we offer. The MDF face and back offer the best laminating surface, and the veneer core delivers the best physical properties andlighter weight.

Veneer Core

We manufacture one of the industry’s finest softwood veneer cores using trees harvested from responsibly managed forest lands and peeled at our facility. The quality of our softwood veneer yields a core that is consistent in thickness and a wood veneer laminating surface that is second to none.

How and where it’s made

Grants Pass, OR | Corinth, MS | Medford, OR

Our manufacturing facilities in Grants Pass, Corinth, and Medford produce a full line of sustainable hardwood plywood, using the highest-quality core material to enhance both the stability and appearance of the finished panels.