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Delivering thoughtfully crafted products that meet your needs every step of the way. From responsibly managed forests to custom applications, we’re there.

Why Timber Products?


At Timber Products, we’re invested in our collective future. That’s why we hold ourselves to the highest standard, working to deliver integrated wood products, and transportation solutions, to our customers with accountability and integrity.


Your positive experience and success matter to us. That’s why we always take a customer-centric approach: our products and strategies help you achieve more.


Together, we can hold each other accountable in the pursuit of a greener future. Not only do our products meet green building standards, but we make sure to put back more than we take when it comes to protecting the wildlife and ecosystems of our great forests.


Our products reflect our values and commitment to excellence. TP’s vertically integrated manufacturing processes ensure consistent quality from end to end.

Featured Products

Timber Products has sustainably sourced, green-built solutions that take your project to the next level. All of our products are thoughtfully crafted from tree to finish.

Get Inspired


Timber Products is the proud supplier of hardwood lumber used for the University of Oregon’s basketball court. Northern hard maple was sustainably harvested in the fall to ensure the highest quality, then assembled and overlaid with an image of a forest to honor the university’s Pacific Northwest roots. See more from this renowned project.

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