Finished Product Spotlight: Woodchuck USA

It’s always interesting to see where our material ends up once it leaves our mills, and Woodchuck USA was able to give us a glimpse into what they use Timber Products plywood for.

Woodchuck USA is a manufacturer of unique, American made, real wood products from custom boxes to journals, cutting boards, and much more. They don’t just make beautiful products, they are also committed to making a positive impact on the planet, and plant one tree per item sold, which has led to over 3 million trees being planted. Through purchasing an item, you can even see where your tree is located, from Madagascar to New Zealand, and many other locations across the globe. How neat is that? Below are some photos of Woodchuck USA products that are built with our FalconPly hardwood plywood from our Corinth mill! Do you have a product that uses Timber Products materials? Email us a picture or tag us on social media!