Log Purchasing

At Timber Products we believe well-managed forests are the future.

Timber Products works with federal, state and private landowners to source logs for our veneer mills in Yreka, CA and Munising, MI. We offer competitive pricing, prompt pay and landowner assistance. If you have timber to sell, see below for more info on what our log buyers are looking for and contact us today!

Yreka, CA (Softwood Logs)

Our Yreka Veneer Mill cuts precision softwood veneers ideal for use in the manufacturing of softwood plywood, and hardwood plywood cores. We buy softwood logs primarily from Northern California, and Southern Oregon. 

Species: Douglas-fir, True fir (White fir/Shasta fir) and Ponderosa Pine/Sugar Pine 
Log Sizes: Minimum small end diameter of 6”, maximum big end diameter of 42”. 
Scale: Prefer to purchase logs on an east side (short log) scale basis; will purchase on west side (long log) scale basis if necessary.

Munising, MI (Hardwood Logs)

Our Munising Veneer Mill manufactures beautiful maple veneer and a full range of lumber from premium northeastern hardwoods. We buy hardwood veneer logs and sawlogs, as well as standing timber. For information on the cut logs we buy, see below, for information on our stumpage program please call one of our log buyers. We provide many options to suit the landowners needs in a timber sale, whether it be a lump-sum or “paid as cut” arrangement.

Species: Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Red Oak, Cherry, Basswood, Birch and Ash
Log Sizes: 
• Diameter: minimum small end diameter of 10”
• Lengths: 8’8”, 10’6” and 12’6”
• Logs must be reasonably straight and sound

Veneer Logs:
Species: Hard Maple, Yellow Birch, White Birch and Red Oak.
Log Sizes: 
• Diameter: minimum small end diameter of 11”
• Lengths: 8’8”, 9’6” and 10’6”
• Logs must be straight and sound, no spiral grain

Call our Log Buyers Today

Yreka, CA

Jeremy Wuerfel
[email protected]
530-435-6745 (office), 530-598-2378 (cell)

Travis Salvestro
[email protected]
530-435-6753 (office), 530-598-8690 (cell) 

Munising, MI

Brad Veneberg, Munising, MI
[email protected],

Ben West, Traverse City, MI
[email protected],

Randy Oman, Felch, MI
[email protected],

Kollin Long, Florence, WI
[email protected],

Mike McNeill, McMillan, MI
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Resource Manager: 
Bob Edwards, Munising, MI
[email protected]