MCTC Timberlands Resume Public Access

After closing access for wildfire risk last month, the MCTC timberlands reopened recently for public access. The policy permits limited access to the timberlands in Siskiyou, Trinity and Shasta counties in California.

Non-motorized use of gated roads and trails is allowed, but restrictions apply, including:

  1. No camping or campfires
  2. No wood cutting or operation of powered equipment
  3. No commercial mushroom or bough harvesting
  4. No Christmas tree cutting
  5. All activity that has potential to create a spark of start a fire is strictly prohibited at all times

Motorized vehicles (including ATV’s) are restricted to open public roads only. Motorized use of gated roads or trails is considered trespass.

Our access policy will be enforced and compliance is mandatory. Please help us prevent wildfires on the timberlands by adhering to this policy. If you detect a fire, immediately report it by calling 911.