Project Profile: Pinecrest High School Athletic Lockers

For years, BSport Lockers & Bowman’s Fine Cabinetry in Lima, Ohio have sourced hardwood plywood materials from Timber Products.

“I have been very impressed with Timber materials and have gone out of my way to use Timber on many occasions. The quality and long-standing relationships with sales make it an easy choice,” said Tyson Bowman, owner and partner of BSport Lockers & Bowman’s Fine Cabinetry.

In 2014, Timberline featured an article highlighting the expansion of Bowman’s business through their standalone subsidiary, BSport Lockers. They made a splash in the market of athletic lockers and never looked back.

The most recent project completed by BSport was in May 2020, where they built football lockers in Pinecrest High School in Southern Pines, North Carolina. The project took root when Bowman met the football coach, Coach Metzger at the American Football Coaches Association convention.

“I set up a time to look over his project needs,” Bowman said. “They already had quotes from another locker vendor that actually had a better price point, but I was able to sell him on the quality of our products and commitment of our company.”

BSport Lockers set to work and constructed 44 lockers out of about 90 sheets of UV coated ¾-inch Red Oak hardwood plywoodmanufactured by Timber Products and supplied by Frank Paxton Lumber in Cincinnati, Ohio.

“Timber has a great relationship with Paxton and Bowman,” said Pat Nosler, Territory Sales Manager at Timber Products. “They represent Timber whenever they can for projects. They’re a true partner to us.”

The project took a total of 120 man hours in manufacturing the lockers with a single day of installation to finish. The new football lockers received high praise from Coach Metzger, the team, and surrounding community.

“We have done many large projects that receive plenty of fanfare, but there is something satisfying about working with a high school as a new locker room is a life changing boost of moral for the football team. The appreciation they showed is second to none,” said Bowman.

BSport Lockers’next project is already in the works, beginning at the end of July. They will return to The Ohio State University to install athletic lockers for the tennis teams.

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