TP Trucking Celebrates National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2020

During the week of September 13-19th, TP Trucking celebrated the annual National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. It is an important week that celebrates and gives thanks to the 3.5 million drivers across the nation who transport goods and resources every day.[1]

TP Trucking plans for this event with a dedicated committee that works throughout the year to make this week special for their employees.

“It’s an important time for us to pay respect to our professional drivers and thank them for their hard work,” said George Wood, Driver Manager at TP Trucking. “Our drivers deliver products safely and also keep our highways and roads safe.”

Traditionally, TP Trucking would set up a large tent, and cook meals for their drivers and mechanics from lunchtime on a Wednesday to Friday dinner. The management team would help prepare the meals, give out fun swag gifts and awards, and recognize the diver and mechanic of the year.

“It was also an opportunity for us to sit down and speak with the drivers and mechanics in a more relaxed atmosphere,” said Wood.

However, the continued presence of COVID-19 required the usual celebration to change this year for safety reasons. TP Trucking was unable to provide the normal driver appreciation week celebration, but still found ways to make sure everyone felt valued.

“This 2020 appreciation week has taken on a special significance because of COVID and the vital role our truck drivers have played,” said Wood. “Even if we couldn’t gather like normal, we still found a way to make sure everyone received a special gift.”

As a result, the managers and supervisors personally hand delivered the appreciation gifts, which comprised a “swag” bag of assorted items, to the drivers and mechanics at both the Central Point, Oregon and Corinth, Mississippi locations. They also delivered the awards for driver of the year and mechanic of the year to individuals.

Those recognized by TP Trucking this year are:

2020 TP Trucking Recognition Awards

  • Company Driver of the Year, West Division – Dale Quaderer
  • Company Driver of the Year, East Division – Levi Rohn
  • Mechanic of the Year – David Ives
  • Leasor of the Year, West Division – Clarence Gregg
  • Leasor of the Year, East Division – Ernest Jones
  • Company Rookie of the Year – Donovan Miller
  • Leasor Rookie of the Year – Wayne & Stephanie Perez

Congratulations to all recognized this year and thank you to our truck drivers and mechanics for making TP Trucking one of the best transportation companies! Next year’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week will be Sept. 12-18, 2021.

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