Timber Products Corinth Mill Installs New 10ft Burkle Press

In October 2021, Timber Products’ Corinth, Mississippi mill celebrated the launch of the new 10-foot single opening Burkle press.

The investment project began in early January 2021 with the press arrival and continued throughout the summer. The first panel was pressed during that time; however, market production did not open until October.

“Before we could open it up to the market, there were several modifications we needed to make to surrounding equipment, including the saw, patch line and sander to handle 10-foot panels,” said David Mitchell, Plant Manager for Timber Products Corinth.

The stacker bins at the sander were the most time consuming part of the changes to ensure a seamless flow of panels.

“Overall, the press was easy to install. It was everything else that took the most time and investment to modify,” Mitchell continued.

Mitchell and Davis Edwards, Corinth Sales Manager, credit the maintenance team, led by Ray Null and Jason Smith, along with operator Kelly South for making the press install a success.
“The team did a great job and we will all benefit from it as 10-foot production increases,” said Mitchell.

When news of the project released, both the Timber Products sales team and customers of Corinth were excited by the prospects.

“The press is a great value-added source and provides Corinth another ‘arrow in the quiver’ for customers,” explained Edwards.

The 10-foot press compliments other value-added abilities at Timber Products Corinth such as paper overlays, printed panels and paint.

“It allows for further diversification of our product lines out of Corinth,” said Mitchell. “We are able to become a one stop shop for the customer.”