Timber Products Helps Prepare Meals for Wildfire Victims and Firefighters

On September 23rd and 24th, multiple Springfield employees came together at a local community kitchen to prepare meals for those affected by wildfires and firefighters in the area.

Kelly Barton, executive assistant at Timber Products, organized the Timber Products groups to help prep, cook, package and delivery nearly 300 meals. Along with the help from the Timber Products volunteers, the community kitchen, Erin’s Table, received a donation of $2,500 that funded over 1,000 meals.

“Timber Products made a very generous donation to the program and I knew people were looking for opportunities to help as well, so I thought it was a great way to get my coworkers involved,” said Barton.

And Timber Products Springfield, definitely stepped up to get involved in the volunteer opportunity! Over 15 employees signed up to help with preparing, cooking, delivering and cleaning up. The meals included grilled chicken, broccoli, rice and a brownie.

Multiple Timber employees even volunteered to continue working with Erin’s Table for other programs, in particular, the Oregon Cancer Foundation.

“I originally started it because of the work I was doing with Oregon Cancer Foundation. This is actually how I met Kelly,” said Erin Cunning, the owner of Erin’s Table. “After the work that I did with OCF, I realized that people love to volunteer and find ways to help when they can.”

Barton agreed, “The most fulfilling moment was when I made a delivery to the volunteers who are taking care of the livestock at the Fairgrounds. The volunteers were so thankful and said they felt like they were being spoiled!”

That sentiment was shared with among all the volunteers, who mentioned how wonderful and fulfilling the opportunity was to them as well.

If you are in the Eugene area and would like to learn more about Erin’s Table or get more involved visit their website at https://www.erins-table.com/.