Timber Products Donates to Talent Maker City Bus Project

Timber Products stepped up once again to support the local community in Southern Oregon with donations to the Talent Maker City non-profit organization. Timber Products has donated plywood to Talent Maker City multiple times in the past as featured in the Timberline Spring 2021.

This time, the plywood donated to Talent Maker City was for The Bus Project – an idea first created after the 2020 wildfires that devastated the local Southern Oregon community.

The Bus Project is an innovative idea to renovate a 40-foot Bluebird School Bus into a mini house for a family impacted by the wildfires. After initial planning and nine months of construction, the bus is nearing completion.

The project was formed to help with the issue of a local housing crisis brought on by the 2020 wildfires. It was also a chance to offer a new educational experience about trade skills for students in the local schools.

One of the main tenets of Talent Maker City is engaging students in the local area high schools to take interest in trade work such as construction. Students from Phoenix High School, South Medford High School and Armadillo Technical Institute had a hand in building the bus.

Each group of students worked with CTE educators and other building experts to convert the bus. Every student brought an air of positivity to the project and learned a variety of skills to take with them.

Many companies stepped up to donate materials towards the Bus Project. As one of the sponsors, Timber Products Medford facility donated plywood that went into building the subflooring, walls, ceiling, and the bed frames.

The bus remains on track to be finished in June 2022.

To see the full story of the Bus Project, visit https://www.talentmakercity.org/the-bus-project